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PODIUM Finish Weekend at Virginia International Raceway!

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

June 5th & 6th, 2021

After 2 years I landed my first Professional Race podium finish coming in 2nd place last Saturday and Sunday in TC America right behind my teammate, Austin Smith, who won both races! So happy for the AutoTechnic team cars sweeping the front row top steps both days! First major goal accomplished Podium finish! So grateful for AutoTechnic Racing team and my driving coach, John Capestro Dubets (JCD), for all they put into helping me each weekend...truly a team effort you all put into my car, supporting me, and all the great coaching! A Big thank you!

Also double-dipped in GT4 Sprint X in the red and white BMW M4 with John as my co-driver and came in 5th Saturday. On Sunday, John did an incredible job starting us on the pole and my stint leading up to the checkered flag, I got into 2nd place with about 9 minutes to go! Until I picked up so much debris on my tires from an incident impairing the car’s handling at speed – end result, fell back to finish 9th. It was epic hitting 158 mph around the famous Virginia International Raceway! It was so great having so much family there for support!

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