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Road America

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

August 28th, 2020

Three races this weekend! Qualified 7th and came in with a 4th, 5th, and a 7th place finish which moved me up to 5th in the championship points. But not without a lot of drama. Race 3 at the start was a big wreck before even making it to turn 1 on Lap 1 and took out 3 cars. See race 3 live video. So sorry for my friend, Johan Schwartz, who got the worst of a multi-car wreck at the start of Sunday’s race. My front end damage from contact through the wreckage was minor enough to continue to finish the race after the restart to end in 4th! Got into 3rd place on the last lap and lost it on the last turn to my teammate, Austen Smith, to come in right behind him!

This has to be a rare photo! During practice, left rear hub bolt broke mid-corner of turn 14 and put me into a spin into the grass, landing in the middle of the track facing the wrong way. I just kept flashing my headlights as my 2 teammates that were door to door came through me splitting me down the middle! I will definitely be framing this for my man cave! All 3 AutoTechnic teammates in 1 photo.

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