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Mid-Ohio Raceway – W2W Porsche

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

April 10th & 11th, 2021

First race for me in a Porsche GT4 at Mid-Ohio raceway on April 10 and 11th. A double 8 hour enduro — 8 hours Saturday and 8 hours Sunday with teammate and team owner, Mark Martin, and driver, Coach Cameron Lawrence! A great first experience as these guys gave me a lot of seat time. I raced over 4 hours each day of the 8 hour race! With the practice day, I drove over 9 hours in 3 days and loved every minute I was in this amazing W2W racing machine named Ruby!

We came in 7th on race 1 and 5th on race 2 after teammate Mark Martin was punted off the track by a competitor in the first stint of the morning, putting us back to 21st place! We fought back to finish 5th — not bad considering! Thank you Mark, Cameron, and all the crew at W2W for making this first Porsche experience a great one!

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