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Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, IN

October 8th-10th, 2021

That’s a wrap on the 2021 season with Race Finale Weekend at Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

In the two GT4 SPRINTX races, John and I came in 4th place and a 6th place finish this weekend. We finished the championship 4th in points even having only attended 6 out of the 7 race weekends. In the TC class, I finished 5th in championship points.

A BIG THANK YOU to the AUTOTECHNIC Racing Team – Rob, Charlie, Nick, Ken, and Mike – for a great season of support and for all their hard work keeping me and the car on track at any painstaking cost! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

A HUGE SHOUT OF GRATITUTED TO MY DRIVER COACH AND CO-DRIVER, JOHN CAPESTRO-DUBETS (JCD), not only for his amazing drives in GT4 but for pushing me and my race craft to the next level, which afforded me 7 podium finishes this year – 1 of which was a FIRST TIME PRO-RACE WIN! I wouldn’t be anywhere near this level of progress without him – his race acumen and pursuit in helping me elevate my race craft! There were highs and lows during the year and although I always wish I had progressed even more, I ended on a big net gain! For that, I owe a lot to John and the Team AutoTechnic and all the guys on our crew!

P.S. Congratulations to my teammate, Austen Smith, for his 3rd place in finish in the TC Championship! A stellar breakout season! He worked so hard and this was well earned!

Thanks Mom and Tina for joining us this weekend!

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