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GT4 America - Road America

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

August 20th & 21st 2022

Road America August 2022 was not our best weekend. I qualified to start Saturday's race in 2nd position, which was pretty good, and had a decent start until getting hit on the 1st lap -- knocking the left rear alignment out and making the car a real handful to drive the entire race. With that - still had some good battles - and raced door to door, nose to tail with our friend Johan Schwartz! With an injured car and overall handling issues, we finished in 5th place.

Sunday, with continued car handling challenges, John turned the car over to me in 8th place. In the beginning laps of my stint, I got hit and spun around. Although I resumed racing, the suspension again knocked out of alignment, resulting in a very impaired car to drive for the rest of the race and an 11th place finish. Still 3rd in Championship points with 2 weekends to go -- Sebring, FL (9/24) and the finale at Indianapolis Motorspeedway (10/8). Thanks to JCD (John Capestro-Dubets) and the AutoTechnic crew for digging deep to make the most out of this weekend with me!

But the highlight of the weekend for me was having my nephew, Dan, and Emerson join us and then treating me to the tour of the Harley Davidson museum to wrap up our weekend!

LIVE | Race 1 | Road America | Pirelli GT4 America 2022

LIVE | Race 2 | Road America | Pirelli GT4 America 2022

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