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2022 GT4 America Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Race Season Wrap Up GT4 America

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

October 7-9th, 2022

2022 GT4 America race season wrap up at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Race 1, I qualified to start 8th in class had a solid stint and turned the car over to JCD (John Capestro-Dubets) who raced to close and finish in 6th place!

Race 2 JCD (John Capestro-Dubets) started 17th on the grid and within a few laps brilliantly got into 1st place leading our class and 2nd overall behind teammate Zack Anderson! John held that 1st place position to turn the car over to me, which is where things took an ultimate unfortunate turn. I held first place with 2 laps to go – it was amazing…until it wasn't. A yellow flag came out to stop the race to extract a car off track. When the race resumed, I had contact with a competitor, where post-race, I was deemed responsible, so although I finished the race in 3rd place, the Stewards penalty for the incident was to move our finishing position to a 7th place finish. I was gutted about being responsible for taking out a good competitor and friend. John drove the best race with incredible execution and pace turning the fastest Pro Am lap time of the race and set us up for the win! Only wish I could have brought it home for him and AutoTechnic Racing, but it wasn't in the cards this time.

I have to count the blessings, as there are so many…

with JCD (John Capestro-Dubets) working, co-driving, and coaching me for the last 3 years, raising my race craft and acumen, I owe a lot of the highlights to him!

2022 had 2 wins, a 2nd place finish, and 4th place in the championship points standings.

With that and the 2021 results, it makes 3 pro-racing wins and a total of 10 podium finishes between the 2 years!

Thank you, John. I wouldn't have accomplished this without you, your knowledge and experience, and most of all inspiration! But it takes even more, the best team and crew at AutoTechnic Racing supporting me for 7 years now to get to this level -- always giving me confidence in the car and mostly you all wanting to see John and I succeed and do whatever it takes to help that happen! I can’t thank you enough. Words don’t do justice for what you have meant to me supporting my race career. And big congratulations on winning the BEST CREW award last night at the yearend gala! So deserving! Just too much to put in words how grateful I am for everyone involved. The future is bright!

Pro Race Profile:

LIVE | Race 1 | Indianapolis | Pirelli GT4 America 2022

LIVE | Race 2 | Indianapolis | Pirelli GT4 America 2022

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